On 1 March 2019, the Gifhorn local court opened insolvency proceedings regarding the assets of MEDITE GmbH and appointed attorney Dr. Immo Hamer v. Valtier as insolvency administrator. Dr. Hamer v. Valtier had already been serving as the temporary administrator since the application was filed on 28 December 2018.

Founded in 1978, MEDITE GmbH is a medical technology company that most recently employed 70 people at its locations in Burgdorf and Nußloch, Baden-Württemberg. Numerous foreign subsidiaries had been founded since 2013 and the firm grew to become a small corporation. Later the company shares of the MEDITE Group were consolidated into an US corporation and traded as a joint-stock company (Medite Cancer Diagnostics Inc.) on the OTC (stock exchange in the United States). The specialised medical devices (histology and cytology equipment) manufactured in Burgdorf and Nußloch are distributed worldwide by the MEDITE Group.

The aim of the insolvency proceedings is to maintain business operations to the extent possible and allow them to continue in the long term. To this end, Dr. Hamer v. Valtier initiated reorganisation measures at an early stage and prepared an investor process. At present business operations are continuing.